Video guidelines

Video is a powerful marketing tool. It enables us to engage and inform our various audiences, whilst encouraging an emotional response and instilling a sense of pride and enthusiasm for the University. The following guidelines have been prepared to help you maintain a consistent brand identity when producing innovative video content.

Once you have decided that a video is the best requirement for your needs and have approval to create it from your college or department marketing team, decide whether you will be the one making the video, or if you need to seek assistance in having one made. If the latter, consider whether the type of video you wish to make could be produced by a creator in your college or department or whether you need to approach our internal video production team in Creative Media as a client.

If you are making or producing a video you must adhere to the guidelines below. All videos must be checked against these requirements before they are published.

  1. The UoB logo (without lock-ups) must feature at the end of your video. Should you wish to include a call-to-action and/or URL please feature this before the logo appears. Please contact the Brand team if multiple partners are involved.
  2. There should be no credits at the end of the video to state which individuals created it.
  3. Call-to-actions, URLs, captions and subtitles should be in the Roboto typeface. Visit our guidance on typography for more information on this.
  4. Ensure individuals speaking are named with lower thirds that state: Their academic title and full name, and their College or Department (e.g. Dr Matt Cole, Department of History). External subjects' lower thirds should feature their name, title/job role and organisation e.g. John Smith, Managing Director, MadeUp. The individual's name should appear in a larger font than the department/role.
  5. Ensure your video meets web accessibility guidelines.


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