Public Engagement Case Studies

There are many different public engagement methods and some may suit you more than others. Generally these categorised into one or more of the following: informing, consulting and collaborating.

Here are just some of the many inspiring examples of public engagement carried out by researchers and students at the University of Birmingham:


Dr Adam Ledger demonstrated the power of intimate theatre through “The Caravan Show”, developed with and in collaboration with mac Birmingham. The piece was a participatory performance for children and their families, which took place in a small touring caravan. In 2014, Caravania! will be toured nationally, including the National Theatre and The Millennium Centre, Cardiff. The piece is part of Dr Adam Ledger’s practice-based research and as a result he will publish a book chapter about the show. 

Images of Research

Images of Research exhibitions are held in several Universities across the UK. The exhibitions challenge a researcher to capture their research in a single image. Some chose images directly generated by their research, other images of themselves doing their research whilst others preferred to submit something more abstract.


Elaine Williams, one of the researchers participating in the exhibition, commented: "The images of research event was a really useful way of encapsulating my research into a single image that led me to take stock of my research in the lead up to the event this was followed by useful discussion with other attendees and judges at the event. It helped me to think of new questions about my research. I met many people on the day this provided useful connections and directions to follow with my future research.All of the images of research can also now be viewed online on the University Graduate School’s Flickr photostream.

Sound of the Stars

Scientists at the University of Birmingham who study the ‘music of the stars’ provided sound artist Caroline Devine with data on the pitch of the Sun's pulses or tones which she used to create a sonic composition. This art-science installation is currently on exhibit at Thinktank with an animated educational display explaining the origins and use of the music of the stars.

For more ideas and inspiration please visit Think: Public Engagement whee you find the latest news and views as well as information about funding.