Assessment and feedback

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‘Assessment lies at the heart of the learning experience: how learners are assessed shapes their understanding of the curriculum and determines their ability to progress. At the same time, assessment and feedback form a significant part of practitioners’ workloads and, with increased numbers, reduced budgets and higher learner expectations, continue to be a matter of concern’

Jisc (2010) ‘Effective Assessment in a Digital Age’ pg 2  


The University of Birmingham has recently established a Special Interest Group (‘SIG’) to explore the theme of Assessment and Feedback and how to better support staff in developing authentic assessment and dialogic feedback processes. Building on the findings of the Birmingham Assessment for Learning Initiative (‘BALI’) project and the collaborative project between the Universities of Birmingham, Nottingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh entitled ‘Leading Enhance in Assessment and Feedback (‘LEAF’), the aims of this SIG are to:

  • Offer colleagues an opportunity to become part of a community of practice that shares thinking and learning around assessment and feedback, both across and within the disciplines;
  • Support colleagues to take evidence based approaches in relation to assessment and feedback practice  as part of curriculum design;
  • Capture and disseminate existing good practice around the University;
  • Provide case studies and resources to help colleagues incorporate  new and innovative practices that are underpinned by sound principles; and
  • Incorporate the  student voice within assessment and feedback processes.

 In 2015/16, we will be establishing a cross University ‘Assessment and Feedback Working Group’ to invite academic and professional service colleagues working in collaboration with our students to form the agenda of work for the SIG. Our theme in the academic year 2015/16 will be ‘Focus on Feedback’ and as part of this, we will be organising workshops to capture and disseminate existing good practice and to form opportunities for debate and discussion.

For further useful resources on Assessment and Feedback, please follow the link to our Canvas site which will be developed further over the course of the academic year 2015/16. 

If you would like to find out more about joining the ‘Assessment and Feedback Working Group’, please contact