Inclusive curriculum

Students in a lectureBackground

The University of Birmingham has an ‘Inclusive Curriculum Committee’ to explore how inclusivity, in its widest possible sense, might be more effectively embedded within the curriculum and with a view to better supporting staff to address issues associated with inclusivity in order to enhance all aspects of the student learning experience.  Comprising of membership taken from across the University, and bringing together those from academic departments, professional and support services, and the Guild of Students, the Committee considers all aspects of the inclusivity agenda including disability, ethnicity, international, part-time and mature students, parents and careers, socio-economic status, gender, religion, and LGBTQ.  

The Committee has a remit to oversee and initiate a number of key activities across the University: 

  • Act as a focus for the discussion and debate of activity and practice related to inclusive practice in teaching and learning.
  • Facilitate wider representation and input from across the University, in particular from students, to help better understand and address inclusivity issues and needs.
  • Act as a forum for identifying issues, challenges and barriers to implementation of a fully inclusive agenda.
  • Identify and share effective practice, from both within and outside of the University, in support of an inclusive agenda.
  • Collate and disseminate resources and materials related to inclusivity.
  • Make recommendations about how inclusivity may be more effectively embedded with core areas of University activity including, but not limited to:
  1. Resources and using technology (including Canvas) to create accessible learning materials
  2. Teaching delivery
  3. Assessment and feedback
  4. Personal tutoring
  5. Student access
  6. Educational leadership and role modelling

Across the University of Birmingham there is much good practice in support of the Inclusive Curriculum agenda. 

  • The focus for the group is not to duplicate existing activity, but to facilitate the sharing of effective practices and approaches so that they might become more widely embedded.
  • The composition of the committee provides a forum for bringing challenging issues to a diverse audience for feedback and support.
  • Where gaps in practice exist, the group will act as a focus for coordinating responsive and reactive activities with a focus upon enhancing the student learning experience.
  • The committee focuses on one or two main issues per meeting and makes recommendations that feed into the Education, and Equality and Diversity streams of work.  Ultimately the aim is to change practices, attitudes and the overall culture within the University to ensure the curriculum is inclusive for all.
  • The committee is chaired by Dr Nicola Gale and Dr Matthew Francis – please contact us for further information or visit the Teaching Academy canvas course.  




Inclusive Curriculum Measures of Success Table (PDF - 26KB)

LGBT Best Practice guide (PDF 10.7MB)