Feedback and feedforward

Alex Conner Institute of Clinical Sciences Giving and receiving feedback 
Michael Grove School of Mathematics  
Prem Kumar Institute of Clinical Sciences This is an area of research I have been involved with through my (non-pedagogic) subject expertise and can place the concepts within an accessible control theory framework
Danielle Hinton CLAD/LS & College of Social Sciences Face to face, assessment related (ongoing induction)
Wendy Leadbeater Institute of Clinical Sciences  
Despina Papoudi School of Education Video interaction guidance and video-enhanced reflective practice
Andrew Quinn Department of Civil Engineering Student understanding of feedback
Chris Ribchester CLAD/LS Feedback strategies
John Skelton Institute of Clinical Sciences  
Nicola Taylor College of Arts and Law Academic Writing Advisory Service (AWAS) Academic Writing Advisory Service material, closely linked to CAL Bank of Assessed work
Els Van Geyte CLAD/LS & Birmingham International Academy  
Ruth Whittle School of Languages, Cultures, Art History and Music For learning, rather than 'just' a piece of assessment