Technical Academy Showcase Event

Calling all technicians!

The Technical Academy warmly invites you to participate in the Technician Poster Showcase event!


TIME: 11AM – 2PM


You play a vital role at the University and have a wealth of invaluable skills and experience to share. Tell others about the services you provide, techniques you use, research you contribute to or experiences you’ve had as a technician by submitting an abstract to present a poster.

This is a great opportunity to meet other technicians from across the University and share your experiences in an informal setting.

The best poster and two runners up will receive prizes!

 Refreshments will be provided!

Key event dates:



Monday 19th August

Deadline for abstract submission

Wednesday 21st August

Selected presenters informed

Tuesday 10th September

Deadline for poster submission

Tuesday 17th September

Event takes place!

Abstract submission guidance

  • You can submit an abstract on any aspect of your work as a technician. Some examples might include:
    • What you do on an average day/week
    • A particular technique you use or have developed or optimised
    • An aspect of a project you have contributed to
    • A placement you went on
    • An event you attended
    • Abstracts must have a title, be no longer than 200 words and summarize the topic your poster will be about.
    • A good abstract will tell the reader:
      • Why you do you something
      • What you do and how you do it
      • What you have found out doing it
      • What this means going forward
      • Abstracts will be evaluated by a committee with representatives from all colleges to select poster presenters.
      • The deadline to submit an abstract is: Monday 19th August 2019

To submit an abstract please use this link

Poster guidance

  • Your posters will be displayed on poster boards in the CTL.
  • Posters must be A1 (594mm x 841mm) in size and portrait orientation.
  • Posters will be judged by attendees on the day so expect people to introduce themselves to you and ask you to explain your poster to them.
  • Keep your poster title short and to the point where possible.
  • Your poster must be original work for this event.
  • Your poster must display your name and poster title.
  • Ensure your font size is large enough for people to read from a computer screen – font size 16-18 for text and 24-36 for titles.
  • Maintain a consistent style throughout; use caps and lowercase instead of all caps for easier reading.
  • The poster must be aimed at a non-specialist audience so everyone who might attend the event can understand its contents. Avoid using jargon or technical language where possible. Any technical terms or abbreviations must be explained.
  • If you present any information that was funded by a Research Council, business or other external funder, or involved other people you should acknowledge them on your poster.


Many ineffective posters suffer from easy to fix problems including:

  • text too small
  • too much text
  • objective(s) and main point(s) hard to find
  • poor or pointless use of graphics
  • poor organisation so poster is hard to follow and people don’t know where to start

An effective poster will be:

  • a source of information
  • a conversation starter!
  • an advertisement of your work
  • a summary of your work



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