Engagement and support

How are staff and students being consulted?

StARS wants to make change happen with and for the people it will affect.

Input is regularly sought from Professional Services colleagues via workshops, focus groups and attendance at team/departmental meetings. The academic staff viewpoint is sought via regular engagement at College Education Committees and other meetings, and through representation within the StARS governance. The student voice is heard via surveys, focus groups, and engagement with the Guild and the Student Representation System.

How are staff and students being supported through the changes?

StARS is being developed and delivered as a series of modules, meaning that different functions will be “switched on” and new processes adopted throughout the life of the programme. Unlike New Core, therefore, there will be no single “go-live” moment for staff and students. This approach means we will be able to test and embed each phase as it is introduced. 

Staff will be involved in the development of new processes and systems that are relevant to them. They will be supported with training and guidance before and after every change that affects the way they work. 

For both staff and students there will be clear and timely communication of changes, with appropriate routes for feedback and continual improvement.

Training and resources

StARS maintains a Canvas site which houses training materials for each of the changes being delivered by the programme.

The Canvas site can be accessed here, and content will be added over the life of the programme.

Contact us

We are always keen to hear your questions, suggestions and feedback. General enquiries should be sent to stars@contacts.bham.ac.uk.

The core team is based on the Ground Floor of the Watson Building, Edgbaston Campus (R15 on the campus map).

We have key contacts and representatives from many areas and divisions of the University. These include dedicated first points of contact for StARS in each College:

  • College of Arts & Law: Hollie Moore (H.Moore.2@bham.ac.uk)
  • College of Engineering and Physical Sciences: 
  • College of Life and Environmental Sciences: 
  • College of Medical and Dental Sciences: Rachel Newitt (R.A.Newitt@bham.ac.uk)
  • College of Social Sciences: 


Professional Services