What will StARS mean for me?

The changes planned as part of StARS will be introduced gradually over the life of the programme, so some of their benefits may not be felt until service and system improvements have been fully adopted.

But we can summarise the main benefits that should be felt by students and staff by the end of the programme. 


  • Modernised, user-friendly administrative services
  • Easier to access and complete admin tasks (e.g. online registration, optional module selection, changing programme or module)
  • Easier-to-access and more responsive student support mechanisms

… which will enable…

  • Reduced time spent completing basic admin tasks and seeking advice/help
  • Greater autonomy, flexibility and control over personal data and admin requirements
  • Greater choice and personalisation of courses
  • A more consistent administrative experience that is aligned across Schools and Colleges

Operational teams

  • Simplified processes (e.g. fewer approval steps, less manual intervention)
  • New system functionality (e.g. automated workflows, electronic forms)
  • More standardised, centralised and reliable data

… which will enable…

  • Modern ways of working as would be expected of a leading university
  • Greater efficiency thanks to reduced transactional and manual activity
  • More time available to focus on the things that matter most or add value to students and staff

Academic staff

  • Access to students’ academic records and contact information, all in one place
  • Simpler, online processes for tasks including programme and module approvals, extenuating circumstances, reasonable adjustment plans
  • Ability to contact defined groups of students through Banner
  • More standardised, centralised, reliable data

… which will enable…

  • Time redirected from admin back to teaching, research, and supporting/advising tutees
  • Easier ways to offer students informed advice
  • Easier processes by which to get new programmes and modules approved
  • Greater confidence in ‘single source of truth’ data
  • A university that can better support distance learning and non-standard programmes

When will we see benefits from StARS?

Some benefit will be noticeable and measurable as soon as changes or new functionality are introduced.

As an example: students benefited immediately when, in the summer of 2020, new self-service processes for completing “right to study” (visa) checks and accessing proof of study letters online were launched. Similarly, the University community benefited immediately from the essential upgrade of Banner in November 2019 which secured this vital system and the data it holds.

Other benefits will be felt over time as a series of service and system improvements are introduced and fully adopted.


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