COVID-19 and Community Conduct Commitment

At the University of Birmingham we are committed to protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of our whole community, including students, staff, visitors to campus and the wider community. Every one of us has a responsibility to help with this.

In response to the ongoing global pandemic, and seeking to minimise risk and instil confidence about our approach to minimising the spread of Covid, the University would like to draw attention to the following points.

We expect all members of our community (staff, students and visitors) to act as good citizens and be proactive in taking measures to maintain the safety and wellbeing of themselves and other students, staff, and visitors to campus, as well as those living in our community and to, follow government and local health, safety and wellbeing requirements.

These requirements will be responsive to changing public health needs, be adaptive to local or national lockdown requirements, and will support existing health and safety legislation and needs. Areas of required compliance will be related to the latest guidance on:

(i) Social distancing;
(ii) Social gatherings (including halls and private sector accommodation);
(iii) following covid safety guidance on campus (including directional routes within buildings; maximum room capacities; and behaviour);
(iv) Hygiene, particularly in public or communal areas;
(v) Wearing of face covering;
(vi) Test and trace (understanding the symptoms, getting tested immediately and working with the University and PHE to identify any close contacts).

All members of the University community should be aware of their own behaviour and conduct and recognise when this could have adverse consequences for themselves, others in their community and external public services such as the NHS and Police. This could include educational and social conduct in person and online; and behavioural conduct on and off campus including in halls and private sector housing.

Student Conduct (Regulation 8)

Under Section 8 of the University Regulations, which governs Student Conduct, the University has the authority to take action against students who commit a disciplinary offence.

Examples of disciplinary offences include: 

  • serious disruption, obstruction or interference with any other student, member of Staff, or visitor to the University.
  • violent, disorderly, threatening, intimidating or offensive behaviour .
  • harassment of any student or member of Staff of the University, or any visitor to the University.
  • Action likely to cause injury or impair safety on University premises.
  • conduct (wherever occurring) likely to bring the University into disrepute or adversely affecting other members or Staff of the University.

Under these Regulations the University has the authority to discipline students, and this could lead to a suspension or withdrawal from the University.

Reports of inappropriate behaviour or conduct will, as normal, be taken seriously by the University. Focussing on the wellbeing and mental health needs of students, staff, and visitors, the University will take appropriate and proportionate action against anyone found to be compromising the safety and wellbeing of others, in accordance with the Regulations referenced above and any other relevant procedures.


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