Your safety and wellbeing

Your wellbeing is our top priority and we have in place a range of measures to ensure you stay safe, happy and healthy while at University.

Support for your wellbeing at university

Wellbeing Officers

Your Wellbeing Officers work within your Schools and Colleges and have local knowledge of your subject area. The teams continue to provide online support in the majority of cases.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

We are offering a fully online counselling and wellbeing service to students based in the UK, using email and (virtual) face-to-face appointments. You can always access our range of self-care and self-help materials alongside information about crisis services and other resources that are available on the mental health & wellbeing pages on the intranet.


Pause are our partners in supporting your mental health. Working with The Children’s Society and Forward Thinking Birmingham, the Pause team provide early interventions to support mental health and wellbeing. We will continue to offer a telephone and email service throughout the restricted-operations period. 

Mental Health and Wellbeing services

Students with disabilities

The Student Disability team are continuing to work remotely. For students with a declared disability, long term mental health condition or a specific learning need, your Reasonable Adjustment Plans and any Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) funded support will still be in place, where eligible. If your needs have changed or if you need any additional advice or guidance you can contact the team:

Multi-Faith Chaplaincy

Chaplains from a range of faith traditions are available to meet with students and provide support remotely,  whether you want help navigating faith on campus or would simply value a non-judgemental listening ear. Visit the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy. 

Your health: registering with a Doctor 

It is important that you are able to access local health services by registering with a local Doctor (General Practitioner (GP) Surgery) close to your term time address. A GP can provide support for your mental and physical health, and they are usually the first health service you should contact when you are experiencing a problem. It is simple and free - and for International Students, the immigration health surcharge will entitle Tier 4 students to access NHS care in the UK at no additional cost in the same way as a permanent UK resident.


Professional Services