Rev'd Dr Sharon Jones

Anglican Chaplain

Multi-Faith Chaplaincy

Contact details


St Francis Hall
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, B15 2TT
Office: 0121 414 8151 (ext. 48151)
Mobile: 07595 340893

Introductory Statement

Born in Liverpool, I was raised in a small new town in Lancashire. I began attending my local Anglican church when I was six years old where I sung in the choir until I left for university. After Studying for a degree in politics I became a youth and community worker at an inner city church in Liverpool. There, I began discerning my vocation to the priesthood… a process that would go on for no less than eight years! In the meantime I studied for a Masters in Theology and Religious Studies and, having been bitten by the research bug, went on to write a doctorate on the sacramental nature of narrative at the same time as teaching courses on everything from the history of Neo-Paganism to psychoanalytic readings of the Bible. After a grand total of eleven years studying and working in Higher Education, I finally gave in to the call to ordination and spent a further two years at Westcott House, training for the priesthood. I went from there to a curacy in Warwick, to being vicar of two parishes in Lancashire and finally back to my home within the academy as chaplain to the Community of St Luke at the University of Exeter. I’m now full time Anglican Chaplain to the University of Birmingham where I am also an occasional visiting lecturer in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies. I’m passionate about helping others explore their relationship with God and discerning what they might be called to do in the world. In my spare time, I am servant to a large standard poodle and I write novels for children and teenagers.