All student email, Friday 15 May 2020

Dear student,

Today we share news of how, for International Students, you can continue to access Academic English 1:1 tutorials run by the Birmingham International Academy as well as details of the support available for all students from Library Services.

We also have news that a major new COVID-19 drugs trial has begun in Birmingham as well as details of how you can still enjoy the Barber Institute of Fine Arts from wherever you are in the world.

Today’s updates includes:
• Birmingham International Academy
• Chat with a librarian
• Assessment support from Library Services
• Major COVID-19 drugs trial begins in Birmingham
• Top tip – Barber Home brings art to lockdown audiences

Birmingham International Academy

The Birmingham International Academy is continuing to offer Academic English 1-1 tutorials for postgraduate and undergraduate international students until the 28th August, wherever you are in the world right now. There are 4 slots available every day and refreshed every 2 weeks: use this link to sign up. The team will be using Zoom conferencing for 1-1s and once you have registered the teacher will send you an email with the required information one or two days before.

Please keep an eye out on the BIA Academic English Canvas Course for up and coming details.

Chat with a Librarian

Do you need help accessing resources? Have a question about your books or library account? You can send the library an instant message via the Just Ask service - available Monday-Friday (9.00am - 6.00pm).

Assessment support from Library Services

How are multiple choice (MCQ) and short answer (SAQ) assessments different to essay-based exams? What are good revision strategies? How can you maximise success in multiple choice assessments?

For hints and tips, why not try the “Short Guide to Multiple Choice and Short Answer Assessment” from the Academic Skills centre in Library Services, available online here and in PDF format here.

Major COVID-19 drugs trial begins in Birmingham

A trial which will rapidly test new therapies for patients hospitalised due to COVID-19 is opening in Birmingham this week. It is hoped that by using drugs that target the most serious symptoms of the virus, the severity of the disease could be reduced leading to a reduction in the number of patients needing to be admitted to intensive care and ultimately, a reduction in virus related deaths. In what could be a significant development in the fight against the virus, the CATALYST trial will test a series of new drugs, including those already in use for patients with cancer and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

CATALYST is a team effort across the University community, designed by the Inflammation – Advanced and Cell Therapy Trials Team (I-ACT) at the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit, working in close partnership with University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) and the Birmingham National Institute for Health Research Biomedical Research Centre (NIHR BRC) to run the trial.
Find out more here.

Top tip – Barber Home brings art to lockdown audiences

Anyone, wherever they are in the world, with access to the internet, can bring Barber Home into their own space and access practical art activities and workshops, share reflections on the collection and join in online events through a series of weekly projects for all ages launched on the Barber’s website every Thursday.

Each week, the Barber team will be sharing ideas with you to explore in your own home. These reflections have all been generated in response to the Barber’s collection and galleries. This programme will enable the Barber to remain ‘open’ as a place for people to engage with creativity and learning and it is also an exciting opportunity for us to work collaboratively with artists and partners during a time of physical closure. Find out more here.

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