Senior Management Champions

Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor for Equalities

Professor Una Martin, Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor for Equalities, provides strategic oversight of the institutional equality and diversity agenda and chairs the University’s Equality Executive Group. Her role steers the delivery of the Equality Scheme 2016-2020, ensuring effective engagement and support from across the University community as we make progress on long-term cultural change.

University Executive Board (UEB)

Four members of the University Executive Board (UEB) also serve as Equality Champions with responsibility for representing the interests of staff and students with protected characteristics at the most senior levels. These members are:

Professor Robin Mason – UEB Equality Champion for LGBT.

Professor Kathleen Armour – UEB Equality Champion for Race and Religion, also co-chair of Race Equality Charter Steering Group.

Provost and Vice-Principal Tim Jones - co-chair of Race Equality Charter Steering Group.

Professor David Adams – UEB Equality Champion for Gender and Family, covering the protected characteristics of sex, pregnancy, maternity and marriage and civil partnership.

The new UEB Equality Champion for Disability and Wellbeing will be announced shortly as a result of the recent retirement of the outgoing champion.


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