Become an E&D Ambassador

The Equality and Diversity Ambassador teams are an essential part of developing a culture of best practice (ways of working together) within their School and College, which fully supports the principles of Equality and Diversity.

As an E&D Ambassador you and your team will be a reliable and approachable point of contact for fellow-students within your School and College. 

You will be trained to hold difficult conversations and how to refer students when needed. You will help to gather student feedback and share experiences, and try to find solutions to any problems which may arise. You will be encouraged and helped to organise informative events within your School and College, which will link to wider University campaigns.

This is a unique opportunity to join a well-trained group of Student Ambassadors and make a difference in your School and College, and in the culture of the University as a whole.

Apply to become a volunteer student Equality & Diversity Ambassador.




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