Policies and Procedures

The following information, policies, and procedures are those which have direct relation to students, and possibly also extend to staff, visitors, clients and more.


Codes of Practice

You can access all policies relating to students in the Registry Codes of Practice pages, which contains codes of practice, policies and guidance notes. Please be advised that you must follow the information on the top of the webpage in order to select your correct year of legislation (e.g. a student starting in 2016/17 needs to select ‘Cohort Legislation 2016-17’).

Some of these documents are listed elsewhere as they also apply to staff, they can be found on the Equality and Diversity Policies, Procedures and Guidelines pages and include:

Fairness and Diversity Policy (UK)

  • The purpose of Fairness and Diversity Policy is to set out the University’s commitment to equality and diversity, its legal duties under UK law and the rights and responsibilities of members of the University community based in the UK. 

  • The Fairness and Diversity Policy is intended as an overarching statement of University provisions and arrangements with regard to equality and diversity. The University will develop supplemental equality schemes, codes of practice and guidelines, as is appropriate, to support this policy.

Fairness and Diversity Policy (UK)

University Equality Scheme 2016-2020

  • The University of Birmingham was established on an equal opportunities ethos in 1900 to admit women and men of all religious backgrounds on equal terms. Today, that commitment to equality is at the heart of our vision and mission as a modern, global university. We are committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive learning and working environment, where equality is promoted, diversity is valued and discriminatory behaviour is not tolerated.

University Equality Scheme 2016-2020

Harassment and Bullying Policy

  • The purpose of this Policy is to state the University’s position on Harassment, to raise awareness amongst the University community of behaviour that would be considered Harassment, and to provide guidance on informal and formal means of dealing with Harassment when it occurs.

Harassment and Bullying Policy

Guidance on Suporting Transgender Staff & Students

  • The purpose of this guidance is to set out the University’s approach to gender identity and transgender issues and to detail our framework for managing gender transition for staff and students. The document explains the support that will be provided for people who are transgender and provides advice and guidance for all members of our community, in order to help them improve their understanding of gender identity issues and support transgender colleagues and students. 

Guidance on Supporting Transgender Staff and Students


If you cannot find a policy, code of practice, guidance document or other similar information on the above pages, in relation to equality and diversity for students, please get in touch with us at studentequality@contacts.bham.ac.uk.


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