Institutional EDI Leads

College of Arts and Law

College Lead

Peter Morey

English, Drama, and Creative Studies

Asha Rogers

History and Cultures

Hannah Cornwell

Birmingham Law School

Mairead Enright

Languages, Culture, Art History and Music

Natalie Rulyova 

Elliot Evans

Philosophy, Theology and Religion

Deryn Guest 

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

College Lead

Ian Jefferson


John Fossey

Chemical Engineering


Bettina Wolf

Gary Leeke


Miles Tight

Duncan Shepherd

Computer Science

Hayley Yarnell

Mark Lee


Sergey Shpectorov

Metallurgy and Materials

Mike Jenkins

Physics & Astronomy

Mike Gunn

College Hub

Emma Stanway

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Project Officer

 Claire Bonnet

College of Life and Environmental Sciences

College Lead

Sarah Beck


John Colbourne

Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Peter Kraftl


Sarah Beck

Joff Lee

Sport & Exercise Science

Afroditi Stathi

College of Medical and Dental Sciences

College Lead for E&D

Wiebke Arlt

College Deputy Lead for E&D

Sarah Conner


Institute E&D Leads:

Outreach, Equality and Diversity Officer

Tom Syder

Applied Health Research

Yemisi Takwoingi

Cardiovascular Sciences

Asif Iqbal

Cancer and Genomic Sciences

Jo Morris

Clinical Sciences

Andy Coney

Immunology and Immunotherapy

Fiyaz Mohammed

Inflammation and Ageing

Dagmar Scheel-Toellner

Metabolism and Systems Research

Alexandra Sinclair

Microbiology and Infection

Amanda Rossiter

School of Nursing

Lucy Kelsall-Knight

Professional Services Leads:


Jackie Ryan

Jannetta Simpson

College of Social Sciences

College Lead

Rene Lindstaedt


Fiona Carmichael 

Caroline Chapain

Sophie Sinclair


Kalwant Bhopal


Gerasimos Tsourapas

 Social Policy

Lee Gregory


Professional Services