CAS Deadline


Are you an International Student who is physically present in the UK and is your current Tier 4 (General) visa due to expire in December 2020 or January 2021 and do you need more time to continue your studies? If, so you MUST read the following information.

University Closed Period

The University will be closed for the Christmas period from Monday 21 December 2020 until Friday 1 January 2020 (New Year’s Day).  The IST will re-open on Monday 4 January 2021.

 I am in the UK and my Tier 4 visa is due to expire during the University closed period and I need a new CAS to make a visa application to extend my Student visa

If you are a student whose current Tier 4 visa (now known as the Student route visa as of 5 October 2020) is due to expire during the University closed period, the last date the IST will accept and check all your visa documents to assign you a new CAS for visa extension purposes, will be Monday 7 December 2020.

You must be submitting all the documents needed for your visa application.  In order to submit your documents to be checked on or before the 7 December 2020, you must log an enquiry online and you must attach the documents you want us to check in one single email.

Visit the Student Visa route (formally known as Tier 4 (General)) for the full document list.

Studying a course which requires ATAS?

If your course requires ATAS you are required to apply for this online immediately.  To allow sufficient time to complete the ATAS application process the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) recommend students apply at least 4 months in advance of their visa expiry date.  If you do not have a valid ATAS clearance or your ATAS application is pending and your current visa is due to expire, you will not be assigned a CAS and you will be required to return home before the expiry of your visa.  The IST will then support your return from outside the UK once you provide a valid ATAS clearance.

Please ensure you input the following text in the subject box ‘URGENT CAS REQUEST Tier 4 visa expires [enter your visa expiry date here]’.


Important information for students physically present in the UK

If you do not contact the IST in time or if you do not have all the correct documents you need for the IST to check for you to make a visa application, then, before your current Tier 4 visa expires, you MUST leave the UK.

Your visa is your responsibility and overstaying your visa is a criminal offence which will be recorded in your immigration history.

If you are studying online in your home country then the above information does not apply to you.  However, in order to get your visa ready you are still required to submit your documentation by 7 December for consideration if you intend to travel to the UK from January 2021 onwards.


My Current Tier 4 visa is due to expire on or after 28 January 2021 and I am currently in the UK

If your current Tier 4 visa is due to expire in January 2021 you will need to start preparing your visa documentation for your CAS Request now.

Returning from Leave of Absence (applying for a Student route visa from outside the UK)

If you are a student who is outside the UK and is returning from a period of Leave of Absence and you wish to re-commence your studies in January 2021, the latest date that you can provide the IST with your documentation for CAS approval is Monday 7 December 2020.

If the IST cannot assign your CAS because your documents are not approved and your return date is in January 2021, then you will need to liaise with the University Registry Department to extend your leave of absence.  The IST will work with you and support your return to studies.

Contacting the IST

Due to the volume of CAS requests being received we would respectfully ask that when you send us the email about your CAS you do not then send multiple emails chasing for an answer.  You will receive an email acknowledging safe receipt of your documents after which the advisor will check them and then they will reply to you.

The International Student Team (IST) is open for business as usual.  For the safety of staff and students we are currently not seeing students face to face.  Your CAS request will be dealt with via email only.


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