Arriving in the UK


Airport and eGates

The UK airports can be busy and overwhelming. Try to prepare as much as you can before you leave your Home Country. 

You must check the rules on what you can bring to the UK carefully before you travel.

You will need to go through the area marked as customs and will have to declare certain items:

  • Money over 10,000 Euros, or equivalent in other currencies, in cash, bankers drafts and cheques (including travellers' cheques)
  • Alcohol, tobacco, perfume and souvenirs above the permitted duty/tax-free allowances
  • Food is restricted and certain products including meat and dairy are not allowed into the UK
  • You must declare any banned or restricted goods. If you don't, you may face long delays, the goods will be seized and destroyed, and you may be prosecuted
  • If you are eligible, over 18 and have a biometric passport you can use an eGate 


Hand luggage

On arrival at your selected airport into the UK, you will have to go through Immigration Control and you should make sure that you have your documents ready.

Lost luggage

If any of your luggage is missing when you arrive in the UK, you must not leave the baggage area. You must find a member of staff from the airport and tell them that you have lost your luggage:

  • Try not to be too anxious or to panic - staff at the airport will be able to help
  • Wait at the luggage carousel until the all of the luggage from your flight has come through
  • Check the areas near the carousel - if you were delayed at immigration, then your luggage may have already been unloaded
  • Look for a member of airport staff and tell them that your luggage has not arrived – they will ask for the following items so have them ready:
  1. Your flight ticket which has the luggage receipts and flight details
  2. A description of the missing luggage
  3. Your address in the UK (this is where they will forward your luggage to) – if you do not yet have an address you can give the address for:

     University of Birmingham
     Security Service
     Aston Webb Building
     B15 2TT

  • The member of staff might be able to find out where your luggage is at that moment in time however, you may have to wait for further information and that could mean travelling to the University without your luggage
  • Once the member of staff has taken all your details, they will explain the procedures for dealing with lost luggage and will give you a reference number and a telephone number for you to ring for any news. Alternatively they may give you a web address.  You must keep any information you give you safe – keep it with your hand luggage
  • You can ask the member of staff if they have a free emergency overnight kit which contains toiletries e.g. toothbrush. Please note that only some airlines provide this

Do not leave the airport without following the above otherwise you will not get your luggage or any compensation.

Travelling from the airport to the University

We strongly recommend that you plan to fly to Birmingham Airport. 

Please avoid flying into airports in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands as these are part of the Common Travel Area and have no border control which means that you might not have the correct study permission, especially if you are a visitor who is coming for less than six months and who needs a stamp in their passport.

Airport Collection – at the start of the academic year

If you are arriving at the start of the academic year during the University Welcome period (in September) you may be able to book onto our free airport collection service.

Arriving at other times

We do not offer an airport collection service outside Welcome, however, there are lots of options for getting to the University.  If you are coming at other times of the year there are a number of ways you can get from the airport to the University.



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