Travel checklist

The University is well connected for travel making it easy for you to get here. The more informed you are, the easier the transition from your home country to Birmingham will be, so here are some tips about your arrival into the UK.

Travel Checklist:

  • Pack 2 pairs of emergency clothing in your hand luggage
  • A spare toothbrush and few other essentials in your hand luggage for emergencies
  • A hard copy of your offer letter
  • A hard copy of your accommodation information which covers the duration of your studies
  • A hard copy of Information on finances available to you during your stay in the UK. Check for any restrictions on the amount of money you can take out of your country
  • Your Passport (Visa/Vignette)
  • A hard copy of your  visa decision letter
  • A hard copy of your Tuberculosis(TB) certificate (If applicable).

You will find more information on bringing food and plant produce into the UK on the Home Office website and even information on pets.

If you need to bring in prescribed medication please carry the doctor’s note with you and if it’s not in English or Welsh then it will need to be translated into English or Welsh.


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