Modules and courses


Programmes and modules

As a student, you can view view the modules for which you are registered via the my.programme tab of the my.bham portal.

Our programmes and modules handbook contains details of all modules sorted by course and year. Search for full details of learning outcomes, contact hours, assessements, credits and restrictions.

Learning materials for modules you are studying are normally found in Canvas, our Virtual Learning Environment

Resource lists

Search the resource lists for your course by module. Always check with your tutors that the resource lists are up-to-date.

Widening Horizons Modules

Most programmes give you the chance to study a small number of modules outside your course area. These are known as Widening Horizons Modules (WHM) (previously called Modules Outside the Main Discipline or MOMDs). Schools and Departments across the University open up modules to students from other areas in a wide range of subjects and disciplines.

Changing course

Under some circumstances you will be allowed to change course; this is usually easier early on in your course.