Timetable guide

Top tips to help you get the most out of the timetable function on the MyUoB app

Your timetable on MyUoB pulls together three calendars which you can view independently or together; information from the timetable system, the virtual learning environment (Canvas) and calendar events (Outlook).

This means that for the first time you can access an all-inclusive timetable digitally on your mobile app or the web app.

Top tips on using your timetable

We understand this does mean you are viewing your timetable in a different way, so we’ve put together a few top tips to help you get the most out of your new all-inclusive timetable:

1. Use the colour guide

The three different sources all have a different colours to help distinguish where the information is coming from:

  • Blue – timetabled teaching sessions
  • Purple – scheduled Canvas events
  • Yellow - Outlook calendar

2. Don’t worry about duplication in timetable and canvas events

The timetable will show your timetabled teaching events and whether the sessions are online or on campus. Links for online sessions are created and managed in Canvas, so if your timetabled teaching session is online you will normally have a Canvas event at the same time containing the relevant link. If you have an online timetabled teaching event, but there is not a matching Canvas event, just go to the relevant module in Canvas to find the link there.

3. Use agenda view and filters

You might find it a bit confusing to see multiple events in the timetable function but you can always select ‘agenda’ view at the top left of the calendar, which will simply list all your events in date order. This can also be helpful for cross-referencing teaching sessions and Canvas events. The calendar view can also be filtered to remove or show the timetable, Canvas or Outlook events.

4. Double-check your teaching group

You should have been notified which teaching group you are in by your school or college, but if not then you can check with them. Once you know that then just disregard the other groups listed.

5. Add your own events

Now that the timetable pulls through from your Outlook calendar (yellow), you can add your own extra-curricular activities in outlook and they will also appear in your timetable. This means you have everything in one place at the touch of a button.


If you have queries any about your timetable please contact your School Office.

If you experience any technical issues with the App, please contact IT Services via phone +44(0)121 414 7171 or via the IT Service Portal.  




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