Personal Safety Tips

Campus is usually a really safe place to be, however, it is really important that you take your own personal safety seriously and that you are aware of the potential for crime around your accommodation, on campus and in the local area.

The Guild's Student Mentor Scheme have put together some top tips just for you!

1. Mark your valuables!


Mark valuables with a UV pen - stating your surname, city and ID number.

2. Lock up!


ALWAYS lock the doors and windows of your flat/house.

3. Don't be a retail display

Mobile phone

Avoid leaving things, particularly valuable items like phones and laptops, on display. Draw your curtains (especially in ground floor flats) so that no-one can see any valuables lying around.

4. Keep the door shut


Don’t allow people to follow you in through access code locked or swipe entry doors.

5. Walking


Try not to travel alone, and don’t walk back through unfamiliar areas.

6. Safety alarm


Carry a personal safety alarm. You  can get one of these for FREE from the Mentor Welfare Office in the Guild of Students.

7. Getting a taxi

Taxi sign

Getting a taxi back after a night out is safest all round. We recommend Castle Cars: 0121 472 2222.

8. Money


Withdraw cash in advance of your night out or get cash back at a supermarket. Using street cash machines, especially if you are on your own, is best avoided. Never write down your pin.

9. Credit and debit cards


Keep a separate note of your bank’s emergency lost or stolen card telephone number (found on the back of your card), account number and sort code so you can cancel them quickly.

10. Laptops and Tablets


If you are carrying a laptop, try to disguise that you are carrying it by not using a typical laptop bag.

11. Music


Don’t wear headphones when walking alone or on your bike.

12. Nights out

Night out

When you’re on a night out, don’t leave your drinks unattended and don’t accept drinks from strangers. 

13. Protect your wheels!


Lock your bike up with a D-Lock. 

14. Remember your stuff!


Never leave your laptop/phone/bag unattended in any study area including the library.

If you have any concerns over your personal safety then please ring security on 0121 414 4444.


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