Things to do before you graduate

Safiyyah GareebooRecent graduate Safiyyah Gareeboo (BA English and Philosophy, 2015) gives you her list of must-dos before you graduate.

Safiyyah currently works in higher education marketing and admissions at Uni-Quest, a start-up company who works with clients in America and across the UK.


Have tea at Winterbourne

Entry to Winterbourne House and Gardens is free to University of Birmingham students and it's very close to the uni...The garden is beautiful and the house is a cosy place for afternoon tea.


Relax in Selly Park

Selly Park is the perfect place to forget about looming deadlines and exams. Relaxing in the park is a great way to spend an afternoon.


Visit the German Christmas Market

Hard to believe that anyone wouldn't have done this by their final year already, but if you've not been yet, it is a must-see! The lights and music in the evening make it worth braving the crowds, and I would highly recommend trying the whole deep-fried onion - it's much better than it sounds!


Wear fancy dress to a night out

It's one thing popping on a head band for sports night, but creating a carnival-worthy costume is a whole other level of fun. Head to Ouse at Boxxed to show off your creation and the friendly vibe will guarantee plenty of compliments. 


Have lunch at the Kitchen Garden Café

Tucked away in King's Heath, Kitchen Garden Café is a great place to take your parents for lunch if they come and visit. The food is delicious and the shop is a great place to get some treats. If you go over winter, this is also a great place to pick up some mistletoe!


Watch the sunrise over the Vale

If you've stayed out all night and aren't quite ready for bed yet, get the cab to drop you off at the Vale and head to the top of the hill to watch the sunrise. In these colder months sunrise is later, but earlier Summer sunrises make it a great spot post-grad ball.


Read in the Birmingham Library

Whilst the new University library is a great spot to revise, the city's famous architectural feature is a great place to pick up a book and spend a few hours reading. You don't need membership to go in, but it's worth signing up as it's likely you'll find a book you'll want to take home.


Haggle at the fruit and veg market

Located behind the Bullring, the market is a great place to grab a bargain, especially if you go as a group towards the end of the day. As the vendors are shutting down their stalls, you can get a few kilos of veg for a fraction of supermarket prices and share them between you for pennies.


See an exhibition at the mac

There are lots of free displays at mac birmingham as well as the shows and workshops. It's a great place to go with a friend and the surrounding Cannon Hill Park is great for a post-art picnic.


Visit all the buildings on Campus

It's easy to get through your degree and only visit a handful of the buildings on campus. The University boasts some beautiful architecture, so stop off in different departments so as not to miss out! Start by walking into the middle of the Ashley building and looking up.


Digbeth Dining Club

Digbeth Dining Club has street food and live music in Birmingham's cultural hub every Friday.


Try Indian sweets on Ladypool Road

Birmingham's very own Brick Lane, Ladypool Road in Sparkbrook, is full of great Indian restaurants, supermarkets and clothes shops. I'd recommend heading into one of the sweet shops to try something totally new.


Go on a day trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon

Home of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and the University's Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-Upon-Avon makes for a great group day-trip. The trains from Birmingham Moor Street aren't very regular so try to plan ahead, but be sure to pick up 2-4-1 vouchers as you get into the station. These can be used for boat rides, food and local attractions. I would recommend Hooray's Ice Cream for those of you with a sweet tooth! There's a lot more to the town than Shakespeare, but if you're a fan there are always innovative performances on at the RSC.


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