How to spot fake charity collectors

There have been recent reports of fake charity collectors asking for money around campus. A collaborative effort between the Police and University Security staff has led to arrests but please be vigilant and read our tips below on how to spot a fake charity collector.

How to spot a fake charity collector

  • Look out for tell-tale signs such as promotional materials that are badly written or have spelling mistakes.
  • A fake collector may become aggressive or intimidating and use excuses to explain why their collection is legitimate.
  • Charities always need to be registered and have a licence if they’re collecting in a public place. You can check if they’re authentic by doing an online search via the Charity Commission

If you are unsure whether a charity collection is genuine do not feel pressured to donate. If you have any concerns contact Security on 0121 414 4444 or the Police on 101 (non-emergencies).

Action Fraud have more information about charity scams and how to avoid them.


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