How to apply for the Sarah Hawkins Award for young adult carers

The Sarah Hawkins Award forms part of the University’s support for students who are young adult carers. The award helps students to meeting living costs while studying at University, as well as additional costs incurred because of their caring responsibilities.

The Sarah Hawkins Award is for £2,000 in equal instalments and is open to current students who are young adult carers (aged 18-24) for a relative or friend other than their own child. Household income, number of caring hours, type of caring responsibility and associated costs will be taken into consideration when decisions are made about who will receive the award.

Applications are open until 5 February 2019.

Apply for the Sarah Hawkins Award

The award is renewable each academic year for the duration of the programme, subject to academic progression and continuation of care responsibilities. Receipt of the award does not affect eligibility for any other academic award a student may be entitled to, such as the Chamberlain Award.


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