Have your say: Register to Vote

Graphic of a hand placing a crossed ballot paper into a slot.A General Election will take place in the UK on 12 December 2019. 

Elections provide you with an opportunity to determine who will represent you, making decisions that affect your day-to-day life including housing, NHS, education policy, environmental issues, and employment.

How to register to vote

All British, Irish, and qualifying Commonwealth citizens living in the UK aged 18 or over are entitled to vote in a General election but you must have registered to do so by Tuesday 26th November.

  • You will need your: date of birth, address, and National Insurance (NI) number (to find your NI number you can call 0345 600 0643 or visit the Gov.UK website)
  • Students living in halls of residence and applying to register are asked to provide as much information as possible in order that they are registered correctly. Please include room number, flat number, floor, and name of hall or block name.
  • If you have a different term time and home address you can register at both, but it is illegal to vote more than once. 
  • If you’re going to be abroad on election day, you can apply to vote by proxy after you’ve registered. It takes time to vote by post from overseas.

Remember that Thursday 12 December is close to when term finishes, and some students will have already travelled some distance home. There is nothing stopping you applying for a postal vote in your University of Birmingham constituency if you want to vote there, but you will need to plan ahead.


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