University of Birmingham competes to improve their recycling rate



The University of Birmingham is one of eleven universities competing to see who can improve their recycling rates the most, competing for coveted golden recycling bins and a £15,000 top prize.  

The National Union of Students has teamed up with Coca-Cola to launch an amazing new national recycling competition in UK universities.  Each participating university has been given £1,800 spending money to rally students and staff as they battle it out over an eight-week sprint from the 1 October. Students will team up to create a campus-wide recycling vibe in the hope of winning the top prize.

Coca-Cola are funding the competition as a way to inspire and encourage students to recycle more, and to drive innovation in recycling, in line with their sustainable packaging strategy, which aims to ensure all their packaging is recycled.

The overall winner of RecycleLeague will use their prize money to further enhance sustainable projects on campus and throw a sustainable party for students and staff to celebrate their win.

Students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with what can and can’t be recycled and encourage their peers to participate too.


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