UoB Community Wardens commended by the West Midlands Fire Service


Two of the University’s student Community Wardens have been commended by the West Midlands Fire Service, after their quick thinking actions saved the lives of a house full of students in Selly Oak.

Working as part of the Community Warden Scheme, a partnership between Student Accommodation and the Guild of Students, students Charlotte Coleman and Sean McDonald were on a routine patrol of Bournbrook Road, when they knocked on a house door, only to discover a strong smell of gas from the property.

The Wardens retreated to a safe distance and immediately called the emergency services to raise the alarm. A team from Bournbrook Fire Station arrived at the address shortly afterwards, succeeding in gaining the attention of a resident at the front of the house, who threw his keys out of the window so that the team could make an entrance into the building. Firefighters entered the address and discovered the student occupants had left their gas cooker on overnight, resulting in the house filling with gas. The house was vented and students checked to make sure they were in good health.

Group Commander Dave Boucher, of West Midlands Fire Service, said: “My sincere thanks and gratitude go to Charlotte and Sean. Without doubt, their quick and decisive actions saved the lives of everyone in the property as well, potentially, of those in neighbouring premises.”

The Community Warden Scheme is one of a number of community initiatives which Hospitality and Accommodation Services support, with the aim of improving the environment in the local area where a large number of our students live.


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