Sexual harassment - it's not on


The University and the Guild of Students believe that sexual harassment is unacceptable. Together, we are committed to tackling sexual harassment and providing a safe and supportive environment in which to live and study.

Sexual harassment comes in many forms. It can be physical, emotional, verbal – anything that makes another person feel uncomfortable or intimidated. Examples of sexual harassment include:

  • wolf whistling
  • catcalling
  • unwanted groping
  • pinching or smacking of your body
  • uninvited kisses or bodily contact
  • inappropriate sexual comments
  • sexually based insults, jokes, songs or taunts

We believe that you should never have to put up with sexual harassment. You should never be made to feel uncomfortable by another individual.

Whether it occurs in bars, on campus, on public transport or online, and be it by someone you know or a complete stranger, we say that this is not on.

The University and the Guild of Students take all forms of sexual harassment very seriously, which is why we are launching Not On – a campaign against sexual harassment.


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