Universitas 21 PhD Scholarships open for application

Universitas 21 (U21) is a global network of leading research intensive universities, including the University of Birmingham. Each year, we offer a number of scholarships to PhD students to help them travel to one of our U21 partners. Each scholarship is up to £1500 for travel and accomodation costs, and the period of travel would be for approximately one month.

Christian DarkoChristian Darko, PhD Management, Birmingham Business School, recently travelled to McGill University, Canada on his Scholarship: "The Scholarship provided me with an opportunity to connect with renowned academics and researchers in other parts of the world. My visit to McGill University was of great benefit to my research and future career. I was able to take part in research aimed at contributing directly to evidenced-based development policies and practices."

For more information and to apply please visit the U21 PhD Scholarships intranet page. 


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