Beat exam stress, do some UBSport fitness classes


Is all of your attention on revision and the impending exam period? Need a way to escape and rejuvenate your brain? Try out group exercise classes to help beat stress and give yourself an hour’s break in between revision sessions.

UBSport are currently offering 20% off Active Lifestyle 10 vouchers to all students for the first 4 weeks of Term 3 - until Sunday 25 May.

With 75 fitness classes per week to choose from, our varied Active Lifestyle programme will appeal to everyone. Did you know that when you exercise, endorphins and mood enhancers are released and this can help you focus and maintain your concentration when you’re revising?

Active Lifestyle classes are available to suit all levels and abilities. View the full timetable.

You can book the classes at the Munrow Sports Centre reception or online. Please note, if you are booking online you will need your PIN to log in, which can be requested from the Munrow Sports Centre reception on 0121 414 4117. 

The more you sweat it, the less you’ll stress it!


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