Minimising building work disruption during exams

The Estates team have a plan in place to make sure that work on the Green Heart in the middle of campus does not prevent students from studying and completing exams effectively.

The team deliberately programmed the installation of the noisier and more disruptive elements to be completed before the start of the Summer Term. Now that term has started, quieter works are taking place in the Green Heart area itself.

Some of the noisier activities, such as slab cutting and concrete mixing, have been moved away from the centre of campus and key exam spaces. For noisier work that has to take place in the Green Heart itself, acoustic booths have been installed to reduce impact.

This is an intense study period for most students, so the team will be working at all times to keep things as quiet as possible. Using the exam timetable, the team is ensuring that there is extra care taken to keep disruption minimal while each exam is taking place.

The team has installed sound monitoring stations around the perimeter of the Green Heart site. This will warn the team if the noise reaches certain levels, and a protocol is in place to reduce noise if that happens.

The Green Heart team and Estates are continuing to work with the Exams Office in Academic Services to respond quickly and effectively to any issues raised by students or staff during the coming weeks. If you have any questions or concerns about the Green Heart or any campus developments during this time, please contact the team on

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