Statement from the University of Birmingham regarding honorary graduates

Statement from the University of Birmingham:

"As a community of students, scholars, and staff from around the world we recognise that people will bring diverse views and say things that some or all of our community do not agree with. We also know that if we silence those voices because we do not agree with what they say, then we risk undermining the role of universities in upholding freedom of speech within the law as a cornerstone of intellectual and academic debate. From time to time, however, views will be expressed that not only do we not agree with, but that run counter to our principles and values. We do not support these comments and are very clear that views of honorary graduates are their own personal views and do not necessarily represent the views of our University.

“Since we were founded in 1900, we have been a secular University committed to non-discrimination, and promoting equality, inclusion, and fairness. We are a vibrant, open and inclusive community where everyone is welcomed, included and able to reach their potential.

“In line with our normal practice, taking into consideration recent national and international events, the University Honorary Degree Committee will reflect on the broader processes relating to honorary graduates.”


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