Study spaces opening hours

View the opening hours for study spaces during the Autumn term 2017

There are a number of study spaces that are open late during the week for all students:

  • The Murray Learning Centre (R28 - Edgbaston campus) 
  • Nuffield Building (R9 - Edgbaston campus) 
  • Strathcona Building (R18 - Edgbaston campus) 
  • The Aston Webb Student Hub Study Lounge (R7 - Edgbaston campus)
  • Poynting Physics Computer Cluster (R13 - Edgbaston campus)
  • The Loft, University Centre (R23 - Edgbaston campus)

Some study spaces are restricted to students from particular Schools outside of office hours - check the opening times or speak to your School if you are unsure.