About our personalised support

Sometimes you may feel that you need to access personalised support from a Counsellor or Wellbeing Practitioner. Reasons for accessing this kind of support could be:

  • You have felt down for a couple of months, with no clear reason.
  • You feel so anxious that you cannot attend lectures or socialise.
  • You feel homesick and you are thinking of leaving university.
  • You are struggling with academic work and fear you may fail your course.
  • You are experienced a major life-event such as bereavement, illness or divorce.
  • You feel unable to deal with troubling behaviours or thoughts.
  • You have had a traumatic experience.
  • You are, or are contemplating, harming yourself or your safety.

Our personalised support services

Our services can help you make changes to enable you to move forwards with your studies and your life in general. Our interventions include:

The Developing Emotional Wellbeing programme

A two-part course which will give you new skills for managing anxiety and low mood.

One-to-one therapeutic consultation

This consultation takes place over two sessions and aims to help you find different strategies, techniques and resources to approach problems more effectively.   

Series of one-to-one short-term counselling or wellbeing practitoner sessions

The sessions offer a space for you to explore any personal or psychological diffculties you may be experiencing. You will work with your counsellor/wellbeing practitioner to develop effective strategies to overcome the challenges you may be facing.

Online support

You are able to access online support if you are studying abroad, on placement, or have accessibility needs which mean you have difficulty attending our face-to-face sessions. For detailed information, please visit our Online Support intranet page.