The Birmingham Project employer partners

We are proud to deliver The Birmingham Project with the encouragement and backing of some of the region’s major employers and most significant innovators.

The Birmingham Project has attracted a lot of attention from external organisations since launching in 2013. The organisations we work with are passionate about embracing young talent and encouraging skill development at university to ensure that when you leave, you are ready for the world of work. 

The following organisations supported The Birmingham Project in 2023/24.

Condé Nast (Digital Design, Arts and Culture)

Conde Nast are a Birmingham Project supporter

We are pleased to announce that Condé Nast are an employer partner for The Birmingham Project in 2024. More details to follow soon.

Expedia Group (Shaping Global Society Theme)

Expedia Group are an employer partner on The Birmingham Project

Expedia Group is made up of travelers and technologists - working across time zones, hemispheres, cultures and languages. 

Powered by more than 70+ petabytes of data and 20+ years of tech innovation, Expedia Group is one of the world’s largest travel platforms.

With unrivalled knowledge of the industry and advanced tech innovation, they have built a two-sided marketplace that filters through millions of different possibilities, for travellers and partners worldwide.

Building great products and facilitating connections between travelers and partners drives their mission of powering global travel for everyone, everywhere. 

HSBC (Responsible Business Theme)


HSBC UK support The Birmingham Project

HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organisations. Their global businesses serve around 39 million customers worldwide through a network that covers 62 countries and territories.

Their customers range from individual savers and investors to some of the world’s biggest companies, governments and international organisations. HSBC aim to connect them to opportunities and help them to achieve their ambitions.

The products and services they offer vary widely according to customers’ needs. They provide individuals and families with mortgages that help them buy their own home, as well as savings accounts and wealth management products that help them plan for the future.

They offer businesses loans to invest in growth, and products such as foreign exchange and trade financing that enable international expansion. And for large companies and organisations operating across borders, HSBC offer tailored advice on decisions such as financing major projects, issuing debt or making acquisitions.

Siemens (Exploring Technology and Innovations Theme)


Siemens support start-up business at Birmingham

Siemens is a technology group that is active in nearly all countries of the world, focusing on the areas of automation and digitalization in the process and manufacturing industries, intelligent infrastructure for buildings and distributed energy systems, smart mobility solutions for rail transport, and medical technology and digital healthcare services.

Siemens Digital Industries (Software) have built a unique software portfolio that allows them to continue to grow their digital business. They focus on helping customers with the entire product lifecycle with everything from design, manufacturing and automation, to production and service of a product. It in order to effectively cover the entirety of a product’s lifecycle, software is needed with microelectronics, mechanical design, software, manufacturing, app development and IoT analytics capabilities. The data generated by the product in use or the factory in operation, from these imbedded features of a product’s ‘digital twin’, enables a continuous loop of optimisation - both for the product and the production.

Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) (Developing the Future of Transport Theme)


""TfWM works to invest in and improve the regional transport network; working towards an integrated transport system that is sustainable, secure, and supports economic growth. They are busy planning for the future and work in partnership with operators in the West Midlands (as Network West Midlands) to develop integrated ticketing that meets customer needs.

TfWM is part of the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA). The WMCA has a number of key priorities, such as; economic growth, skills, transport and housing, as well as reforming public services and reducing the region's welfare bill.

Find out more information about TfWM.

TfWM quote

"The Birmingham Project is an excellent way of understanding young people's vision to help shape the future of public transport. It supports students thinking about the way they can make changes for the better and it is a great opportunity to be able to work with such talented students."

West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) (Developing Community Theme)

""Led by the Mayor of the West Midlands, the WMCA brings together 18 local councils to oversee the transfer of powers and funding from Whitehall to the West Midlands.

The WMCA is putting these new powers from government back where they belong, in local hands, bringing the region together to build a healthier, happier, better connected and more prosperous West Midlands.

Billions of pounds are being invested by the WMCA to improve the region’s transport network, transform its derelict industrial land into new homes and workplaces, support existing businesses and help grow the innovative, green industries of the future.

At the heart of this vision is a strong economy that is both green and inclusive, one that supports the region’s ambition to be net zero carbon by 2041 and offers everyone the opportunity of a good quality, affordable home and the skills needed for a worthwhile job.

The Birmingham Project is proudly supported by the University of Birmingham's Academic Skills Centre and Conferences & Events service.


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