Student Circus

Handpicked jobs and internships for international students

Student Circus is a job-readiness platform for international students, with pre-filtered job opportunities that fit your needs as well as aspirations.

Created by former international students themselves, Student Circus has gone at the core of the issues that international students face, such as visa restrictions or a perceived disconnect from foreign as well as the home country job market.

Acknowledging that international students’ job needs are highly specific either due to immigration considerations or preference for high-impact global careers, Student Circus presents a novel platform that empowers the global workforce of tomorrow i.e. international students, with the latest and most efficient job search tools.

It helps international graduates seek gainful employment whether they wish to work in the UK or in their home country by providing the following unmatched solutions:

  1. Jobs in the UK: Filtered jobs with Skilled Worker visa employers willing to retain the best talent from the global pool.
  2. Jobs in Home Country: Elite jobs with handpicked employers in 30+ countries that value the global experience of returning students.
  3. Employability Resources: Customised guides, tools and information to boost international student careers.

Therefore, Student Circus creates a level-playing field for international students looking for opportunities to work in the UK or in your home country post-graduation. By using the platform, you are able to save time, energy, resources, and the disappointment of rejections that come from applying at companies unwilling to sponsor or that aren’t a good fit.

How to access Student Circus

Accessing Student Circus is easy and it’s available to University of Birmingham students and graduates any time of day from a mobile or desktop device.  


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