Experience Arts Internship Scheme 2018-19

This unique programme allows students to gain hands on experience of working in a leading arts organisation in the West Midlands region.

The University of Birmingham is working with over 30 organisations to create paid opportunities for you to gain access and experience in the heritage and arts sector. This is perfect for students interested in gaining some real life work experience which employers really value.

This is your opportunity to learn more about the sector and how the organisations within it operate, whilst giving you the chance to build your networks. Each internship offers something unique and part-time roles vary from marketing and to theatre and events.

The Experience Arts Internship Scheme is open to all current students at the University of Birmingham on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Careers Network is working in partnership with the Development & Alumni Relations Office to support the 10k Lives Appeal, which is a celebration of opportunities for 10,000 young people.  Your participation in this activity may be counted as part of the campaign. Your name and student ID number will be shared with DARO and further information about how they use your data can be found in their “Frequently asked questions” section.

Flexibility will be provided for you to complete your internship around your timetables/studies. 

Make your application stand out by getting advice on CVs and cover letters at an application workshop or talk. You can also find lots of advice online by visiting the Careers Network website.

Funding & duration

We are looking for students to work with some of Birmingham’s leading heritage and arts organisations where you will also receive a £1,000 or £500 bursary (depending on the length of the internship).

The internship will last 10 / 20 days in duration and can be completed on a part-time basis over autumn and spring term (November 2018 - April 2019).

Process following submitting your application

There are no opportunities live right now. Follow us on social media to find out when opportunities for this scheme go live!

Facebook- @calcareers

Once you have submitted your application form and providing you are successful, you will be invited to attend an interview with your host organisation.

The interview format for every organisation might vary but you should prepare for your interview by researching the role and the organisation well and by thinking about why you would be suited to this particular role.