Virtual Internships Programme

The Virtual Internships Programme offers University of Birmingham students the opportunity to undertake an exciting internship during this summer without having to leave home. 

The 2020 Virtual Internships Programme has now closed. The information on this page is for information purposes only and the programme is currently not live. Please check back on this page later in the year for information about the 2021 programme. 

Careers Network are working with Virtual Internships (a partner of CRCC Asia) to provide students access to the Virtual Internships Programme. Successful students will have the opportunity to undertake a 2 month part-time remote internship with an employer within the UK or overseas and will receive a £1000 bursary. Approximately 30 funded opportunities are available. 

Full details (including information about how to apply) can be found below. 

What is the Virtual Internships Programme?

This year, Careers Network are collaborating with an organisation called Virtual Internships (partner of CRCC Asia) to offer the Virtual Internships Programme. Virtual Internships will manage the whole application process and match successful students to internship opportunities. All applications will be sent to and reviewed directly by  Virtual Internships, and all communication and documents with regard to the internship will be provided by them.

Just like a traditional internship, you will be required to complete a specific project or undertake tasks for an employer over a set period of time. What makes a virtual internship more unique is that, instead of being based at the employer’s site or office, you will be able to complete the work remotely in a virtual context using tools such as email and video conferencing platforms. When completing a virtual internship you will still have access to many aspects of a traditional in-person internship such as regular catch-ups and meetings with supervisors/teammates and support from your employer during your experience. You may also be working with other students (both from University of Birmingham and other universities) to complete your virtual internship. 

In order to undertake this opportunity, all successful University of Birmingham interns will be awarded a £1,000 bursary (provided by Careers Network). Students will not need to pay a fee to be part of the programme and any reference to the payments of fees made in any supporting documents should be disregarded. Please note that an internship is not guaranteed by submitting an application. Approximately 30 funded opportunities are available and will be offered based on the strength of an application. 

What are the benefits of undertaking a virtual internship?

Job roles are changing to reflect how the world of work is becoming more 'global', and the need to work in an enterprising manner is becoming more apparent in the current employment market. Undertaking a virtual internship is the perfect way to develop these key global and enterprising mindsets.

These are just a few of the benefits you can gain from being a virtual intern:

  • Develop your employability skills and help define your career path by getting involved in a structured work experience opportunity 
  • Advance your knowledge and skills of new technology & software as well as gain remote working skills
  • Use your enterprising skills to work and communicate with stakeholders in a virtual context
  • Gain a global network by potentially working with people around the world
  • Develop your initiative, self discipline and time management skills
  • Increase your confidence and resilience  
  • Engage in a flexible working pattern
  • Improve your prospects of graduate employability

Who can apply to the Virtual Internships Programme?

The programme is open to:

  • current undergraduate students from all years
  • current postgraduate students (postgraduate taught and postgraduate research)
  • recent University of Birmingham graduates from the last 2 years 

Internships are available for a wide range of degree areas; students will be requested to identify their career area preference during the application process which will be used by Virtual Internships to match applicants to opportunities. 

How long are the virtual internships and when will they take place?

The virtual internships will take place over the summer vacation period and will start early July. Each internship will last 2 months working for 20 hours per week and will be completed by early September. Successful applicants will receive a £1,000 bursary from University of Birmingham’s Careers Network department to support in undertaking the internship.

How to apply for a virtual internship

The whole application process and internship management will be organised by Virtual Internships. All applications will be sent to and reviewed directly by them, and all communication and documents with regard to the internship will be provided by Virtual Internships. 

Applications will not be made to specific internship opportunities. Instead, successful applicants will be matched by Virtual Internships to organisations and projects. This match will be based on the strength of the application and the career areas identified. 

The application process will consist of the following stages:

  1. Completion of an initial Virtual Internships Programme online application form
    Applicants will be required to upload a CV as part of the online application form
  2. Completion and upload of a virtual video application
    The virtual video application will take 10-15 minutes and recorded footage may also be shown to prospective host companies during the matching process. Applicants will be prompted to complete the video application once the online application form has been submitted.
  3. Full application will be reviewed and assessed by Virtual Internships
  4. Formal programme offer made to successful applicant
  5. Applicant confirms participation

Once an internship has been confirmed, Careers Network will initiate payment of the bursary to the successful intern. Please note that an internship is not guaranteed by submitting an application. Approximately 30 funded opportunities are available and will be offered based on the strength of an application.

Careers Network offer a range of support services and resources to help with applying for applying for oppoertunities to gain support with your application.

If you wish to receive support regarding your CV please use CV Checker in the first instance to receive immediate customised detailed feedback.

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