Postgraduate Professional Development

As a Postgraduate Taught student, you might already have a clear career path in mind and your studies are a stepping stone to get there.

You might have picked your course to help you make a transition into a new career, or to develop further in a career you’ve already embarked upon. Equally, you might be unsure of what you want to do in the future. Wherever you’re up to, we aim to support you to explore your career options, plan your next steps and apply for whatever you choose at the end of your course.

You can enrol on the Postgraduate Professional Development Canvas course to receive our regular Careers Digest for PGT students, and to find out more about the opportunities we offer for PGT students.

Postgraduate Professional Development Award

Our Postgraduate Professional Development Award offers opportunities for you to engage with your personal and professional development throughout your postgraduate studies. With flexibility at the forefront, you can set your own goals and create your own pathway to gain recognition of your commitment to employability, selecting from a range career development masterclasses and activities delivered by Careers Network.

How the Postgraduate Professional Development Award works

Step 1: Self-enrol on our Postgraduate Professional Development Canvas course and explore the introductory resources

Step 2: Build your own pathway through the employability Award, according to your own career stage and development needs as follows:

  • Build 20 hours of experience from our development activities*

Step 3: Complete your assessment on the Canvas site

*Please note that activities should be selected from the list on Canvas.

If you are not ready to commit, you can join in at any point in the academic year, and our Masterclasses are open to you whether you are working towards the certificate or simply want to access relevant support.

Please note: The PPDA is open to all Postgraduate Taught students at the University of Birmingham; however, if you are a postgraduate student in the Business School, we encourage you to have a look at the Future Leaders Certificate that has been specifically designed for you by your  Careers in Business team. 

Additional careers support

What do Birmingham Postgraduates go on to do?

Take a look at the destinations data for the University of Birmingham’s postgraduate taught students.

Find out how you can develop your skills on campus

Although your priority during your Masters year will of course be your academic studies, there are a whole range of opportunities for getting involved with extra-curricular activities as a PGT.

Through active participation and engagement on campus, you can develop your skills and employability, build networks, and enhance your CV - and potentially, give something back to your University community!

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