Using LinkedIn Learning to unlock your potential for the workplace

LinkedIn Learning contains over 13,000 professional courses developed by industry experts, and you can access it for free through the University. But how can you use it to stand out in the job market, upskill yourself, and prepare to enter the world of work? 

""Whether you're looking for extra practical skills to make you the top candidate for your dream job, or worried about the transition from university to the workplace and how best to fit in - LinkedIn Learning has a course for you.

Covering topics such as virtual teamwork and remote working, personal branding, being professional in the workplace, presentation skills, being assertive, relationship building - even skills to help you with your side hustle - all developed by industry experts.

If you're applying for a particular industry, LinkedIn Learning can help you stand out with courses from Facebook Ads, to Excel, to GIS, Python and R, so you have the skills asked for in the job specification. And if you're ready to apply for jobs, there are courses on interview success and how to succeed at assessment centres.

All the content is accessible online and offline and across mobile, tablet, and laptop. So you can bookmark courses on your phone, and watch them on your computer. Or watch them offline at the gym. Just half an hour a week can make a difference, and the courses range from 30 minutes to several hours. You can even add completed courses to your LinkedIn profile, to show them off and keep your learning history even after you leave the University.


An example of how a LinkedIn Learning course could help you

As a graduate, demonstrating excellent communication and interpersonal skills will be central to your personal development. 

Explore how to build trust and communicate effectively within an organisation. Learn important interpersonal communication skills and strategies for igniting curiosity, attention, trust and respect.

Try the 'Develop Your Communication Skills and Interpersonal Influence' course

The courses below are just a flavour of some of the courses that you may find useful. To find other courses, just type in the search box at the top of LinkedIn Learning.


How I use LinkedIn Learning to keep my skills up to date

Nandini, a Chemical Engineering student, describes what she likes about using LinkedIn Learning to learn more about programming.

"Programming and data analysis are becoming ever more important in science and engineering, I want to keep my skills up to date by learning more about programming. LinkedIn Learning has courses of varying lengths, the "Python Data Structures and Algorithms" course appealed to me as it is only a few hours long but seems extremely useful and has lots of new information that is split up into short videos which are easy to digest".

Nandini, Chemical Engineering student

More LinkedIn Learning courses to keep your skills up to date 

Below are just a few examples of areas that you may find useful depending on your career ideas. To find other courses, just type in the search box at the top of LinkedIn Learning.

How to access LinkedIn Learning

Our video below introduces you to why LinkedIn Learning could be useful for you and the wide range of courses available. It also shows you how to register and claim your free UoB account. 

Video transcript

For more information and FAQs, please see the main LinkedIn Learning page on the student intranet.


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