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Padraig Condon

Student story from Padraig Condon , a Quantitative Analyst at Ion Asset Architecture who graduated in 2020 with a PhD in Mathematics.

Phoebe Gill - Gateway Bursary

Phoebe, a student in the School of History and Cultures, used the Gateway Bursary towards working as an Intern at 103.2 Dublin City FM.

POD Administrator - Marcus Paragpuri

Marcus is a POD Administrator here at the University of Birmingham where he also studied BA Drama and Theatre Arts in 2017.

PPC Account Manager - Brad Hogg

Brad Hogg is a PPC Account Manager at Brainlabs and studied BA American and Canadian Studies and English Literature at University of Birmingham in 2017.

Primary School Teacher - Daniel Wallace

Daniel is a Primary School Teacher in London and studied BA History at the University of Birmingham in 2018.

Project Officer - Josh Brown

Case study from Josh Brown, Global Challenge: British Consulate Melbourne – Project Officer, who studied History & Political Science in 2018.
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Account Executive

Video story from Georgia Cooksey, who studied BA Modern Languages (Spanish) in 2020 and is now an Account Executive.

PPC Account Manager

Brad Hogg works at Brainlabs (BA American and Canadian Studies and English Literature)

POD Administrator

Marcus Paragpuri works at The University of Birmingham (BA Drama and Theatre Arts)


Emma Lowe works at Conway Consulting (BA American and Canadian Studies)

Global Challenge

Jessica Thackray - Global Challenge: The English Theatre, Frankfurt, Germany (BA Drama and Theatre Arts)


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