About the Personal Skills Award (PSA)

The Personal Skills Award is the University of Birmingham's recognised employability programme for undergraduate students.

It enables you to develop, recognise and articulate your skills in preparation for real-world recruitment processes.  


How to achieve the PSA

The Personal Skills Award offers you a choice of completing in a way that suits you! The PSA is flexible and you decide the opportunities you get involved in and when you complete. 

There’s a choice of getting involved in online courses, taught modules, work experience or on campus activities such as sports opportunities and student groups.  

Each activity has its own PSA points value. To complete the PSA you earn points by participating in a combination of activities. 

Activities range from 5 up to 150 PSA points, therefore there’s a large variety of activities that each take up different amounts of time and commitment.

Steps to completing the PSA

1. Complete the PSA Induction Course on Canvas. At the end of the course, you will be invited to submit the PSA enrolment form, which enrols you on the programme.

2. Get involved in PSA Opportunities. Choose to combine activities to earn your PSA points. You can build up your points over the course of your degree, you can take one, two, three or more years, you just need to ensure that you complete the award before you graduate.

3. Choose which award you complete:

The PSA (Foundation)
Earn a total of 80 PSA points, complete the online Employability Essentials course (20 points) and you will receive the PSA (Foundation) certificate.

The Personal Skills Award
Earn a total of 150 PSA points, complete the online PSA Completion Course, attend an online PSA Completion Session and pass the PSA Completion Form.  

This is the full PSA award.

The PSA (Advanced)
Earn a total of 250 PSA points, complete the online PSA Completion course, attend an online PSA Completion Session pass the PSA (Advanced) Completion Form and pass the PSA (Advanced) interview.

The PSA is tailored to suit different learning styles and needs. You can choose how you complete over the duration of your degree.

History of the PSA

The Personal Skills Award began in 2003/4 and has grown from offering accredited modules to c.20 students to offering a range of skills sessions, taught modules, online skills courses and recognising participation in over 240 on campus activities for c.2000 students. 

View a detailed timeline of the history of the Personal Skills Award.



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