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“Every question and problem I had was answered in the best way possible.”

The Maths Support Centre is located on the first floor of the Main Library on the Edgbaston campus. We offer taught students assistance with mathematics, statistics, and numerical reasoning tests. 

  • Our drop-in service has closed for the academic year.
  • Appointments (including online appointments) are available for students who are unable to attend drop-in sessions, and in a few other circumstances. The appointment service is available year-round with the exception of university closed days and bank holidays. Our testimonials include student feedback from a variety of schools, from Biochemistry to Criminology.

For any queries, please contact 

Drop-ins: what to expect

When you enter the Maths Support Centre, a tutor will greet you and ask what you would like help with. You will be directed to the most suitable tutor present. During busy periods, you might be asked to join a queue.

Tutors usually provide one-to-one support, but are also happy to work with small groups. Feel free to drop in with friends if you have a similar query.

Please bring along lecture notes from relevant courses wherever possible, along with original copies of problem sheets or assignments.

You may be referred to an alternate drop-in session or our appointment service if tutors present cannot provide sufficient support.

Accessibility information for the Maths Support Centre can be found on this web page

Appointments: what to expect

Appointments are a conversation, not a lecture. Our advisor will begin by asking about your background in maths and/or statistics before asking about the nature of your query and what you have attempted so far. You can help our advisor prepare by providing details on your booking form.

You should bring along any relevant materials, since we will not be able to access content from your course.

Any resources used during an appointment will be shared with you in a follow-up email. This may also include additional resources or suggestions for further reading.

Accessibility information for our Appointment Rooms can be found on this web page

Online resources

We have a range of online courses and resources available covering various areas of maths and statistics.


Help us improve our service with your feedback. If you have used Maths Support Centre services, we want to hear from you. Please complete our short feedback form.

Fair use policy

Our tutors will not provide you with solutions. They will work with you so that you can find answers for yourself. Tutors will aim to help any taught student whose query falls within their area of expertise, but we reserve the right to prioritise those where we believe there is greatest need. 

By using the Centre, you agree to the above.


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