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Our average rating from drop-in users is 4.86 out of 5 (updated February 2024).

Appointment testimonials


"Very helpful, everything explained clearly and good guidance."

"The advisor was really helpful. They would not be afraid to say they weren't 100% sure about something and would look it up to confirm for me."


"The advisor explained the steps in a very detailed way but in a manner which was comprehensible to a non-math background person like me. The best thing is that he removes your inhibitions of math and engages you to freely discuss the issue. He provided reference material and pointed out both the subtle and obvious mistakes in my reasoning. I learnt a lot and I am very happy."

Biological Sciences

"Was made to feel very at ease and that no question was a stupid question. Every question and problem I had was answered in the best way possible. The advisor is lovely and so helpful."

Biomedical Sciences

"Extremely helpful! The advisor explained everything in loads of detail but in a way that was extremely easy to understand. I now feel very confident in what I am doing after his support."


"The advisor helped point me in the right direction and had all the answers! I am very very impressed with how quickly I got such good quality help."

"The advisor was really helpful - I had been struggling with statistical tests for a few days but they answered all of my questions and made me feel a lot more confident. They also provided a thorough follow-up email. I will definitely use this service again and encourage my friends to!"


"The advisor actually breaks things down into understandable steps rather than repeating things using the same words like other stats teachers. They make it fun (dare I say) to learn about which I didn't think was possible. Very positive, motivating and gives me more confidence with stats and in my abilities, which is very valuable."

"Was very quick to understand what I needed help with and to provide ideas and sources to help put me on the right track. Big thank you for making these sessions easy to book and to the excellent staff on hand to help."

Natural Sciences

"The advisor was extremely helpful."


"I received a very prompt response upon filling the online form and was able to have all my questioned answered very thoroughly during the appointment. Following this, I also received an email with instructions and links to various resources as discussed during the session, and it was reassuring to know that further support would be available if needed."


"The advisor was helpful and thorough when explaining the necessary steps to help with my statistics enquiries. Provided a lot of clear guidance."

Political Science and Philosophy

"The advisor was incredibly helpful. They made such a complex thing understandable. I had previously given up on trying to figure it out, but they made it possible for me to understand and include in my project."

Public Health

"The advisor was helpful and walked me through the equations I was struggling with."

"Give my thanks to the advisor helping me and being patient with my worries and other questions I was struggling with."

Social Policy

"The advisor was great. Really reassuring and was clear and concise but constantly checked I understood throughout. And followed up with email with further support."

 "The advisor is a really great asset to the university staff. He has provided more support on my dissertation than anyone! And I appreciated his support massively."


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