What is copyright?
This page contains essential information about copyright, what it is, what it applies to, how long it lasts and how it is infringed, a useful starting point for any copyright query.

What can I use?
A page exploring in detail different sources of copyright works and how they might be used.  It includes sections on web content, multimedia resources and linking to sources.

What is 'Fair Dealing'?
'Fair dealing' is explained in detail here and how it is relevant to a teaching context as well as to students and researchers. This page includes details on copying for private study, non-commercial research, criticism and review, illustration for instruction, and news reporting.

How does copyright apply in examinations and continuous assessment?
This page looks at how copyright applies to assessment. This covers theses and dissertations as well as traditional examinations.

Does copyright support staff and students with disabilities?
This page addresses what can be offered to students with disabilities via copyright legislation alone.

What licences does the University hold?
Here we outline what the licences cover and how they can be used.  We look specifically at e-journals, NLA, ERA, OS, and Creative Commons licences.

What can I photocopy or scan?
Here what can be photocopied or scanned, how much, what cannot be copied are all outlined in full along with any reporting processes, i.e. the CLA licence.

What is Text and Data Mining (TDM)?
A new provision in the 2014 copyright changes, this sections details what TDM is and how it might be useful to researchers.

Contact information and further information
See here for contact details and links for more advice and guidance on copyright.

News and training events
A source for useful updates on copyright as well as upcoming and past Library training events.