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The Digital Skills Team manages a number of online skills courses via Canvas as listed below.  For more skills resources please see the Academic Skills Gateway.

Online courses

You can self-enrol on any of these Canvas online courses by following the appropriate link.

The digital student

This resource will show you some of the ways you can collaborate and share online with others to develop ideas and research, and co-create documents, presentations and other digital outputs.

Canvas offers a number of tools which can be used for online collaborative work.  This course will look at the options offered by Discussions, Collaborations and Conferences.

This resource offers practical advice on how to protect yourself and your digital devices against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other problems encountered online.

Would you like to access your documents and files from all of your devices? Would you like to edit, share and collaborate with others on them, whilst syncing with all of your devices to ensure you are always working on the most up to date version?  This resource looks at three popular and free cloud storage solutions - Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive.

This resource considers your digital footprint. It will look at the possible negative consequences, and how to use social media to develop a more professional and positive online presence.

Are you new to using a PC?  Or, do you want to brush up on a few basics for home or work?  These pages will explain elements such as using the web, managing files & folders, hardware, software, security and health & safety as well as a few practical exercises to help you on your way.   

Struggling to keep on top of large volumes of email? Missing important messages because they get buried amongst everything else?  Spending large amounts of time responding to messages and organising your inbox?  This resource contains some useful hints, tips and practices to manage your email efficiently and productively.

Web publishing

This resource will show you how to create a working user interface for a mobile app.  It will be fully navigable and simulated on screen.  The simulation can be easily modified both ergonomically and in terms of whether it flows in a logical sequence and contains all the options a potential user would require.  


These pages will look at the steps to take to plan, design and ultimately create an academic  poster.  We will primarily focus on using PowerPoint to create the posters but we shall consider using other digital tools too.     

When it comes to presentations, most of us think immediately of PowerPoint and of course you can't really go wrong with it. However, if you are looking for an alternative presentation tool, maybe something more innovative, then there are various options available. This course looks at some of these alternative options

This resource introduces concepts involved in editing video footage.  We will look at using the timeline, some common editing techniques and how to output/render the final video using a range of freely available video editing tools.

Learn how to structure and produce an animated explainer video.  These types of video are often used to tell a brand story in a memorable way.  They use graphics and straightforward language to get across a message in a clear and concise way in a 1 or 2 minute video.

A guide to uploading, managing and editing your video clips in YouTube, as well as how to share and embed them in websites, blogs and social media.

This course will look at some of the various photo editing software options available, ranging from the simple Paint program provided as part of Windows, to the online Pixlr tool through to Photoshop.  We also look at two of the highly regarded free alternatives to Photoshop, GIMP and Paint.NET as well as examining some of Microsoft PowerPoint's image editing capabilities.


This course will show you how to create Word, PowerPoint and PDF documents which are accessible for all on the web.

A detailed introduction to building tables, queries, reports and forms in a relational database, as well as understanding the concepts and fundamental principles involved. 

This comprehensive resource covers the key features of Microsoft Word including formatting your document, managing long documents, working with page sections and headers and footers.  It also looks at using tables to display text and graphics as well as numbers.

PowerPoint is a powerful, easy-to-use presentation graphics tool which allows you to create professional-looking digital slide shows. Learn how to present information in an organised manner using text, images, audio files, movie files, graphs and charts.  Also see how to use the animation tools to impress your audience and convey your message clearly and professionally.

OneNote enables you to create digital notebooks where you can keep all of your notes including text, images, drawings, handwriting web clippings, emails, audio clips and files.


An introduction to the popular SPSS statistics package.  Learn how to prepare data and create a new data file, run a variety of analyses and create and edit charts. 

Digital Skills taster videos

Below are a selection of short video clips explaining a number of Digital Skills topics.

Managing your email
 Managing long documents in Word
 Digital note taking apps
 Digital collaboration tools
 Innovative presentation tools 



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