ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID)

ORCiD gives researchers and authors a single unique ID which can be used across the research lifecycle. The benefits of ORCiD are that it:

  • Is a non-proprietary numeric code to uniquely identify academic authors - like a DOI for human beings
  • Is platform agnostic
  • Integrates with PURE.  You can create an ORCiD from your PURE account, or if you already have an ORCiD, you can link it to your PURE record.
  • Allows researchers to carry one ID with them despite changes in their name or the insitution to which they are affiliated
  • Allows for disambiguation, so that all John Smiths can be distinguished from one another
  • Allows a researcher to be linked to all their papers and details of their funding/projects
  • Is being used by publishers, research funders and institutions to push information between systems seamlessly, decreasing the need for the rekeying of information.

You can see a list of those publishers mandating ORCiD and information on which funders and enabling platforms are mandating.

Further explanation of the benefits can be found on the ORCiD organisation page and in the ORCiD video.