Managing your research project (online)

This online course demonstrates how you can use established project management techniques to successfully carry out your research. It introduces a broad range of considerations relevent to academic research, and a variety of planning and problem-solving techniques to help you work out the best approach for your project.


Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Be familiar with basic project management terminology, techniques and frameworks and how to apply them within a research project
  • Understand that project management techniques can be effectively applied to research projects in any discipline, from doctoral level onwards
  • Understand the stages in a research project's lifecycle, from early-stage planning through to carrying out the project, external review, and closing-down activities
  • Be able to identify the different individuals and groups involved in the project, the types of roles performed by them and the responsibilities associated with each role
  • Understand how to construct a project plan to help you carry out your project and avoid/handle common stumbling blocks at any stage
  •  Understand the importance of clearly documenting the progress of a project, and be aware of the many different forms documentation may take
  • Be aware of strategies to assist you in managing your time and common project stumbling blocks
  • Understand the importance of reviewing and revising your plan as your research project develops

Skills and abilities

Completing this course will help develop skills in the following RDF sub-domains:

  • Professional and career development
  • Personal qualities
  • Self management
  • Working with others


This course is open to postgraduate researchers. You will need to log in using your University user name and password.

How to enrol

This is an online course in Canvas and is available year-round. Enrol on this course by entering your University ID and password when prompted.  If you have any queries please contact


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