Writing Summer School

PGR WSS Pen Shield

There has been an annual PGR Writing Summer School since 2013, with workshops covering a huge range of writing topics.  This annual event gives you the opportunity to consider your writing from a range of perspectives; practise your writing in the context of your own work; increase your confidence in your writing and network with other postgraduate researchers.

The Writing Summer School 2018 was held 10-12 July in the Main Library 4th Floor Training Room, and included a variety of workshops on academic writing, including “Voices in your Thesis” and “Reviewing the Literature”.  See below to access the resources, including (where appropriate) Panopto recordings of the workshops.


Resources from past Writing Summer Schools are available online. Where the delivery style was suitable, the lecture capture recordings of the workshops are also available. To access these resources, sign in using your University username and password.